The Dip Shop, Hydrographic dipping in Bridport, Dorset | Dorset's hydro dipping water transfer experts
Hydro dipping and water transfer printing in Bridport
Dorset Bridport hydro dipping hydrographics hydrographical transfer printing
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Welcome to Dorset’s hydro dipping transfer experts…

Professional water transfer printing in Bridport, Dorset

Custom refinishing and paint spraying.

From vans, cars and motorbikes to laptops, phones and game controllers. If you can paint it you can dip it! Hydro dipping is durable and tough, and comes in a limitless number of patterns for a unique custom paint finish. It is a method of printing that is so much better than paint or vinyl decals. It is made to survive in a multitude of conditions.

So whether you want to spruce up the interior of your car or van, give your laptop that extra look of pizazz, or perhaps stand out in the crowd with a unique mobile phone case, THEdipSHOP offers an affordable, friendly and fast service.

We can provide a unique design whatever your project or requirements, we are used to catering for one-off designs as well as large production runs.

If you have any questions about what we do, have ideas of your own for a design or item to be dipped, please drop us an email. Or contact us via facebook

We’ve dipped: Wheels, car parts and trims, engine covers, grilles, badges, mirror covers, motorcycle tanks and fairings, paintball masks and guns, bike frames, golf clubs, quad bikes, game controllers and much more.